Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is the best way to get rid of spots/zits?

Thanks xxWhat is the best way to get rid of spots/zits?
acnefree. it's way better than proactiv


hope this helps!

=]What is the best way to get rid of spots/zits?
I've tried different types of cleaners and creams and none seemed to help. I finally gave up and just washed my face super good with soap and water when I showered. Dial antibacterial (any scent) seems to help the best and my face has been clearer since I've been doin this. You have to realize too that your probably never gonna be completly zit free, so don't stress (which can make it worse). If I start to get a little bit of an outbreak I will clean my face with an alcohol swab once a day until it goes away (if you use alchohol too much your skin will get really dry). If you read the ingredents on most acne cleaners/creams, they're made mostly of alcohol anyways. Just apply a little lotion ( I like baby lotion) afterwards. Also, I don't know if you wear make-up or anything, but if you do be sure to clean it off and not wear it too long or sleep in it.
an acne kit. they have a Proactiv, which you can buy online or at a machine in the manchester mall, or if you cant buy it online or dont want to go to the mall, you can find a ton of acne kits in the store like at walmart.


-Clean and Clear


^those can all be found in stores
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  • What's the best facial wash to get rid of zits?

    I'm wondering..does Olay work?…What's the best facial wash to get rid of zits?
    you want to avoid anything that is oily.

    Truly and honestly, i use soap and water and i drink a lot of water during the day as well. My skin looks to be in it's 20's when i am actually in my 40's

    Good luckWhat's the best facial wash to get rid of zits?
    First, ABSOLUTELY DONT try Proactiv. The ads aren't real. it's Sux BAdly.

    But, i use An Apricot Scrub That Is Cheap and You Can Get it WalMart. I used to have Really bad acne, But this works REALLY well.

    I like Aveeno Clear Complexion wash. It not only has acne fighting ingredients but also soy to smooth the acne scars.
    To the first person it's spelled Avon. Not avone

    I like dove cool essentials foaming facial wash.
    the best is avone!!! it works really wel!!!

    Are there any products out there to help my Zits?

    there not big and not all over my face but they'll show up and won't go away forever!!like A whole week.more or less!helpAre there any products out there to help my Zits?
    Try a gentle cleanser daily. Weekly, use a scrub to clear away dead skin cells. If you can, go to the dermatologist and you could maybe get oral or topic antibiotics. They work very well.Are there any products out there to help my Zits?
    maybe try cetaphil facial cleanser... acne face washes can aggravate the acne. rub some crushed garlic on your pimples - it eliminates the bacteria.

    good luck, hope it works :)

    Can I be freaky enough to shave-over my zits?

    I'm being completely practical here, guysCan I be freaky enough to shave-over my zits?
    Are you trying to get more zits? Or better yet, an infection? Sounds pretty freaky to me.Can I be freaky enough to shave-over my zits?
    I don't know, can you? o.O
    I may not be a guy, but I don't think that matters. You already said you were freaky, but just how nuts are you? Why don't you try thinking what the results might be! It's your face. I can't believe you're serious about this and I can't believe I'm giving you an answer!!! Good luck, freaky.
    uh, you'd be slicing up pieces of your face. just get some facewash and keep your face clean!

    and if you're doing it only to be freaky.... then wow, GROSS.

    no girl would like a guy like that, blech.
    OUCH. imagine if you shaved it OFF?!

    risk it if you want! good luck haha

    well you have to shave, so its gonna look weird

    if the zits have hair growing around them

    while the rest off your skin is all smooth

    i guess its okay

    but what happens if you shave them off?

    Well, electric or conventional? Electric should be fine
    If you have many pimples you can be scared from shaving them off more than forcing them to pop and not washing your face.

    My guy shaves over his, but his are minimal and tiny. It usually breaks off the top portion. You can always have a small beard and shave with a cap leaving it only so long. Then the shaver will not harm you but keep your fuzz short.

    that sounds like something you'd get an infection for doing :l

    i hope you ain't that freaky %26gt;_%26gt;
    ewwwww is all i have 2 say......
    Its your problem if they get infected, my advice is to not do that. Take it or leave it.
    I don't know how freaky are you?

    What is the BEST way to get rid of zits fast?

    Give me some ideas please :)What is the BEST way to get rid of zits fast?
    First get down to brass tacks and what鈥檚 really going on. Because knowledge can give you power 鈥?power to conquer those little buggers.

    What鈥檚 happening is that some excess oil, dirt or other undesirable material has clogged some of your pores. By the time you spot a zit on the surface, it鈥檚 already actually taken up to weeks to develop to that stage, as it irritated your skin and caused a blemish there. So by the time you 鈥?and everyone

    else - sees it, it鈥檚 already dug in deep and needs to take time to be flushed up and out of your body鈥檚 system.

    Get rid of a zit by squeezing it? Not. This can only make things worse and delay healing, possibly even leaving a scar.

    If you鈥檇 like help trying to speed up the process of getting rid of pimples, you can begin with a trip to the local drug store or supermarket for over-the-counter remedies like acne products: creams, astringents, lotions and soaps. You can also contact a dermatologist for alternative treatments.

    Here are a bunch of acne-fighting agents ready to join your team!

    Antibiotics fight bacteria that鈥檚 responsible for causing acne plus it helps treat and heal inflamed acne areas.

    Benzoyl Peroxide is found all over in stores nearly everywhere and helps stop bacteria-causing acne.

    Proactiv Solution was formulated by a dermatologist, It鈥檚 actually a acne management system and works to combat acne via three steps. It combines agents that are said to be prescription- quality, and together they fight your acne problems and help stop them from coming back.

    Oral Contraceptives help fight acne by getting hormones back on track.

    Retinoids and Salicylic Acid jump in to unclog pores, unslough dead skin and energize your skin.

    Anti-Androgens team up to help with the reducing of your sebum and comedone production, also formation. And they team up to help with blocking your body's production of hormones, the ones responsible for acne.

    And remember what you elders always told you: the best way to treat acne is to wash your face with soap and water every day. So do it 鈥?two times 鈥?and gently please!What is the BEST way to get rid of zits fast?
    sqeeze them to get the core out. it will heal up faster and WONT leave a scar. Dont believe all the other people who tell you not to mess or pick your face because of scarring because its not true! i had lots of zits and little by little i have been squeezing them when they are starting to form and then the core comes out and they heal! good luck!
    Crush a tablet of aspirin and mix it with water.Then put the paste on your zits,it will get rid of them.

    I've tried it and it works!!!
    Well,I guess everyone uses Proactive now-a-days.

    But really,it depends on your skin.

    I use any kind of cream that you I put on only on my zits,not your whole face.You can use anything im sure ;]

    Who is uglier?Paris Hilton or a pig with zits all over its face?

    My opinion:Paris is the ugliest of all...Who's with me???!!!!!!!Who is uglier?Paris Hilton or a pig with zits all over its face?
    I agree ....Paris Hilton is uglyWho is uglier?Paris Hilton or a pig with zits all over its face?
    paris in heka ugly. heres another comparison:

    shes uglier than a fat chick in a bikini walking the street of LA with her butt hanging out the back.

    shes UGLY!
    Paris Hilton is pretty. She's just doesn't think before she acts.

    If she was ugly, I don't think she'd have a sex tape. Now would she?
    Paris Hilton is quite pretty.
    paris is prettish she really isnt that ugly
    A pig with zitz all over its face.
    A pig with zits all over
    the second one.

    i've seen aLOT uglier girls than paris....shes not perfect, but shes not ugly.

    10 POINTSWhats the best way to get rid of zits fast?

    because i have party comming up and i have so many and i have no money to buy anything so plz help10 POINTSWhats the best way to get rid of zits fast?
    Don't squish them, you can prick a small hole with a needle that you have cleaned with alcohol so the zit part can escape. Then take some salt and fresh lemon juice mix it with a gentle soap and cleanse your face in circular motions, do your neck too. (Wash your hair and keep it away from your face).

    Don't rub hard just enough to help slough off the dead skin. Rinse with warm water and blot your face dry, don't rub it. Let it dry and then add moisturizer so your skin won't peel. Do it at least in the a.m. and p.m, (middle of the day would be good) but the lemon juice will cleanse and stop the bacteria and the salt is just a cheap form of ';beads'; to exfoliate and help dry it up.

    Changing the pillow case is important too. Remember to try not touching your face in between because of the grease and bacteria on your hands and it irritates the skin.

    Drink plenty of water and stay away from sodas and caffeine.10 POINTSWhats the best way to get rid of zits fast?
    i know it sounds gross... but pop em' thats the best way to get rid of them fast, or use toothpaste, sometimes that works too, i think you should go to like wallgreens or some pharmacy and get a face cleanser and put it on your DRY face for like 2 hours then wash it off and overnight they will get worse then get better =] good luck

    I used to...and it never ever helped me except maybe once or twice...

    I had horrible acne before too and I've tried a lot of different products like Proactive. [[which does not work AT ALL, trust me]]

    My mom finally took me to a dermatoligist and he gave me some pills and cream to put on my face at night

    So far it's really worked as long as I keep up with it.

    I think your best bet would be to see a doctor like I did...they know it all
    baking soda! i swear.

    i didn't belive it at first, i was like ewwww.

    but i tried it and it works really great!

    i have pretty bad acne on my face chest AND sucks.

    but i mix a some backing soda with a little water to form this scrub type thing and i rub it over the problem areas and keep it on until it completley dries and then rinse it off with warm water.

    seriously,try it.
    Wash your face every morning and night and DO NOT TOUCH THEM. I don't think it's best if u pop them, but it might work, but it'd be best if u don't touch them, it just might make it worse.
    squeze them with wet fingers and then pop em. after that immidiately apply moisturizing lotion. it'll go away.
    pop them and put toothpaste on it

    after to dry them out. then put neosporin

    and they should be gone in a few days

    remember to wash yourr face!


    TOOTH PASTE........


    toothpaste overnight, then wash it off in the morning.

    or moisturizer.
    clearzit by it at walmart
    i wont to know too.
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